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A reformed community where our young Black males prevail (prove more powerful than opposing forces) as they journey from boys to young men.


Order From Chaos.

While COVID-19 school closures have interrupted the typical education of our local scholars-, A4E, in partnership with L.I.T City, Triad Restorative Justice and TURN began cultivating a tutoring/remote learning and family engagement program that can address not only the immediate needs of education, but the systemic and cultural issues that have had our  sons already at risk for accessing less educational opportunity. 


Today, the Village serves as a place-based, trauma-informed, community-driven interruptor that impacts health, education and economic mobility outcomes


By providing culturally relative and data-driven, individualized developmental and academic support-  


ELV Boys are provided an opportunity to become self-sustaining adults empowered to drive change within their own communities.



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Umoja, which is “Unity” in Swahili, is one of the core virtues that defines the concept and purpose of Eversley Little Village. As the village is redeveloped and wrapped around Black youth, Umoja will become part of their core belief about their community, culture, and personal values.

For generations, racist practices and systems that were designed to hinder progress of individuals and the Black community created a broken cycle; ELV breaks the cycle by creating the village community to sustain hope, accountability, and pride in culture. The village creates beloved community, safe community, healthy community, community that lives the culture, and community that prepares the next generation to create a different story.

ELV recognizes that it is essential for growing Black youth to have access to a network that strengthens them to succeed. ELV wraps community leaders and assets around each ELV Boy individually, in an all boy cohort, and each family as a whole with programming to follow them from 6th grade until graduation, guaranteeing that youth remain surrounded in compassion and possibility.

In Memory of

Rev, Carlton AG Eversley

June 14, 1957-September 16, 2019

" Eversley will be remembered for his advocacy for the education of poor and Black children in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools and his support of Darryl Hunt’s innocence"

-Fleming El-Amin, a Forsyth County commissioner


Village Advocates

We are currently accepting applications for our Village Advocates.  Village Advocates will advocate on behalf of ELV's policy priorities to include:

  • Dismantling criminal justice pipelines that disproportionately affects Black males

  • Ensuring every Black male student in WSFCS is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

  • Increased responsive approaches targeting the elimination of education disparities among Black male students while promoting a culture of achievement among Black males.

  • Dismantling destructive narratives that perpetuate false identities of Black manhood

  • Increased access to economic development opportunities for Black males to support themselves and their families and the development of employment and entrepreneurship education and experience that will lead to high quality job readiness and business development opportunities now and in the future. 

To learn more about this dynamic community activism please email:

Advocacy Board
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